The best time to look for a job is when you don’t need a job. When you need a job, your desperation shows at interviews—unless you’re a very good actor.

But if you’re not a good pretender, and you’re nervous, when they ask you, ‘So, what was the last book you read?’, you’ll choke.

Your mind will start going, How is this question relevant? What book did I just read? Oh, I remember the book but wait, what’s the title? Who wrote it? Oh sh*t why can’t I remember the title! Then you’ll fail because you can’t remember the title of the last book you read.

Which is why you should always have a book in your pocket. I always have a book in my pocket. Right now, I have 291 books in my pocket. I’m currently reading What Happened by Hillary Clinton. I just re-read Forget Everyone by Hugh MacLeod.

If you and I meet and we’re talking about books and you name a book I should be reading, I’ll buy that book right there.

That’s one heavy tome, Funke!

I can do this because I always have the Amazon Kindle app on my phone. It’s like carrying your entire library in your backpack, only that, thanks to technology, your entire library is now weightless.

Plus, there are many amazing things you can do with a Kindle book. You can highlight sections and tweet, bookmark, add an audio track via Audible, and make notes. If you launch the app on another device, the app jumps to where you were on the first device.

But people keep asking me how to get the Kindle.

No, you don’t need to buy the physical Kindle. I once bought the Kindle— it was a waste of money; I didn’t need it. All I needed to do was download the Kindle app.

The problem is, if you’re browsing the Google Play Store in Nigeria, you won’t see the Kindle app. And if you browse from Nigeria, you won’t see Kindle books.

So, you get a little clever.

Do you have friends abroad? Do you have a foreign shipping address? That’s all you need.

You’ll need to switch your shipping address to the US, both on Amazon and Google Play. If you have a billing address over there, too, that’s great but you can still pay with your Nigerian debit cards— GTBank works fine.

I said US because the books are more expensive in the UK.

Launch the PlayStore app. Then Account–>Payment Methods–>More Payment Settings. Now, you can change the country and address. For iOS, if the Kindle app isn’t available on your App Store, you’ll need another account with a US address.

Once addresses are changed, Kindle app becomes available on Play and the most glorious Kindle books are presented to you on a silver platter. Books on anything— business, creativity, psychology, sex, pop culture, history, everything.

That’s all. That’s how to get all the secrets of the world in your pocket.

Happy reading. Go refill your well.

Hey, did you catch the mistake I made above? The Hugh MacLeod book is not Forget Everyone. It’s Ignore Everybody. I quickly checked because I have the book right here in my pocket.